During Stage 2 teams may register and commence regular activities with the following restrictions:

  • They must have no more than 50 people involved in team activities. This group of people will be known as the “team/cohort” and include all possible members of the team such as players, coaches, trainers, equipment managers, general managers, etc.  Larger organizations that may have registration numbers and coaching/support staff exceeding 50 people must divide into two (or more) groups during this stage.

  • No competitions or other interactions with other teams/cohorts will be permitted during this Stage. Only training camps, skill development and system implementations within the team/cohort will be permitted at Stage 2.  Competitions will be allowed but only within the team/cohort (see the Stay and Play guidelines below).

  • No member of your team/cohort may be a part of any other sport related team/cohort/camp during this stage. This includes summer sports camps of any kind.  Should teams/cohorts wish to have their players involved in such camps, they will have to wait until the conclusion of those camps/cohorts before resuming any other team.

  • Teams/cohorts wishing competition at this Stage may enter into “Stay and Play” measures that will allow competition, but only within the teams themselves.

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