Sunday Nov 17th Hunting Hills School 

9:30-11:30am Individual Technique / 1-1 / Shooting ( with youth Elite Prov Team)

11:30-1:30pm Decision making drills / building into offensive systems 

1:30-3:15pm Technique / Individual decision making 

3:15-5:00pm Transition drills (Full court / Speed of the game 

Saturday Jan 4th (Hunting Hills )


9-11am (Goalie Drills / Multi Task Drills With defense


11-1pm (More Goalie Drills / Multi Task Drills with defense 

1-3pm (Drills for playing 6-5 and 5-6 

3-5pm ( Individual Defense Drills building 

Sunday Jan 5th (Hunting Hills)


9-11am Working on attacking Space / creating for other players 

11-1pm  Building into Offensive Systems 

1-3pm Keep on working on attacking space until 6-6

3-5pm Building into man-man defence