Summer end Beach Handball Tournament


Each winning team in each gender and category will receive 1 set of Jerseys for ATHL (up to 12 Jerseys (designed by you and made by (All CDN Gear)

  • Must have 4 teams in a category for the tournament to happen and a max of 6 teams per category

  • If 6 teams you will be allowed 7 players per team,

  • If 5 teams you will be allowed 8 players per team

  • If 4 teams you will be allowed 9 players per team.

  • You must have a minimum of 6 players on a team, any game with-out 6 players is a forfeit.


All Categories must stay below 50 people, which means the Referees will come from the cohort. If you cannot supply 2 referees from your team it will be a $30.00 fee. 


  • 18Under Boys is Sunday, August 23rd (9:00 am-12:30 pm)

  • 18Under Girls is Sunday, August 23rd (1-4:30 pm)

  • Open Men Men Sunday, August 29th, 9-12:30 pm)

  • Open Women Sunday, August 29th, 1-4:30 pm


  • Registration deadline August 15th

  • Send in player names August 17th

  • All forms must be emailed no later than August 21st.  this will be emailed out as soon as we get your roster



This tournament will follow all Club rules, a reminder as well this all rules must follow AHS,


TO register



A reminder this is through clubs, you will need to contact your Club, ATHF will not respond to question about how to register unless it's from Club Rep.   all Club information can be found at https://www.albertateamhandball.com/copy-of-club-contacts


Membership- all players who have been a part of ATHF membership expires on August 31st.  if any players are not a member they must pay a membership fee (go to www.albertateamhandball.com for membership fee structure

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